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Intel, Taiwan tag-team Moblin, WiMAX

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| Intel and Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) will jointly establish
| an "enabling center" for Moblin, an open source toolkit and software stack
| for developers targeting Intel's Atom processors. Additionally, Intel Capital
| will invest $11.5 million in Taiwanese carrier VMAX Telecom, with the aim of
| enabling Taiwan's first WiMAX network.


Intel and Taiwan Inc. Invest in Open Source Research Center

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| The best part is that this is on a completely open source stack based on
| mainstream Linux technology.


This is very big.


CF files FTC complaint against Microsoft

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| The Consumers' Foundation (CF), a private consumer watchdog, filed a
| complaint yesterday with the Fair Trade Commission (FTC) against Microsoft
| over the software giant's pulling Windows XP from the Taiwan market in line
| with its migration to the new operating system Vista.
| The CF urged the government body to impose sanctions on Microsoft for the
| termination of Windows XP sales in Taiwan.
| "We suggest that the FTC slap Microsoft with a heavy fine for impairing
| market fairness," said CF Acting Chairman Hsieh Tien-jen while delivering the
| complaint to the commission.
| [...]
| "Sixty-seven percent of local users want a return of XP to the market," he
| said, citing the results of another poll.
| He described Microsoft's marketing strategy as an abuse of consumer rights.


Netbooks in Taiwan: low pricing getting lower

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| MsiwindThere's no guarantee that the trend will continue, but netbook prices
| in Taiwan are dropping as the Intel Atom shortage disappears and competition
| rises. Price drops include:
| * Asus Eee PC 700-series is down to $249
| * Asus expects to reduce the Eee PC 1000 with Linux from $623 to under
| $530, while the 1000H will drop $31 while the 901 will see a sale price
| near $468
| * Acer's Aspire One is down to $483 from $528

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