After takin' a swig o' grog, belched out
this bit o' wisdom:

> The program, whose name has recently been updated from Antivirus XP
> 2008 to Antivirus XP 2009, lodges itself on a victim?s computer and
> then begins generating a series of pop-up messages warning that the
> user?s computer is infected. If the user responds to the warnings, he
> is urged to buy a $49.95 program for disinfecting the machine.
> >
> Where is Antivirus Ubuntu 2008? Antivirus RedHat 2009? Why doesn't
> my machine need disinfecting? Oh, I forgot, I'm running Linux.

Yep, that's what bit my daughter's XP system.

The random quantum fluctuations of my brain are historical accidents that
happen to have decided that the concepts of dynamic scoping and lexical
scoping are orthogonal and should remain that way.
-- Larry Wall in <>