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Sabre Holdings: Red Hat Thrives in Place of Unix

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| When Sabre actually benchmarked Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) running on
| Intel against Solaris on SPARC, it found quite a difference — to say the
| least. The Linux/Intel combination was three times faster than the Sun Unix
| solution, and when both licensing and hardware costs were taken into account
| it worked out about 90 percent cheaper, according to Wiseman.


They could join Linux with ZFS. They might, eventually.

OpenSolaris gets ZFS snapshot visualization feature

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| I tested OpenSolaris earlier this year shortly after the developers announced
| the project's first official release. Although I was impressed with the ease
| of installation and several other aspects of the user experience, I also
| pointed out several areas where there was room for improvement. In order to
| compete with Linux on the desktop, I argued, OpenSolaris has to make its
| innovative features more accessible to regular end users. One particularly
| impressive enhancement that helps achieve that goal is the new ZFS snapshot
| visualization functionality that will be included in the next major release
| of OpenSolaris.



NVIDIA Graphics: Linux v. Solaris

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| Fedora 7 had outperformed both SXDE Build 64 and SXCE Build 66 in a number
| of the different tests, but the results as a whole were genuinely similar.
| While NVIDIA hardware is the leading option for Solaris x86/x64 users due
| to the lack of official drivers from ATI/AMD, the driver that NVIDIA
| provides to its Solaris customers is great quality. The Solaris driver
| code is very similar to the Linux, Windows, and FreeBSD drivers with
| the exception of the OS-specific bits, and this advantage is definitely
| able to shine through when talking about the performance benefits
| for alternative operating systems.

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