Micoshaft asstroturfing fraudster pounding the sock KUTLOZE SCHEEFGEPOEPTE
wrote on behalf of Half Wits from Micoshaft Department of Marketing:

> http://www.autopenhosting.org/robots/future.htm
> Ultimately because of 100% automation, it will be possible to send seed
> machines to explore space, find suitable places to build bases then build
> bases remotely with 100% automation. Then it will be possible to travel
> there and settle without the expense of manually constructing a base.
> Humans will finally be able to spread out into space and colonise new
> worlds.
> http://www.autopenhosting.org/robots/faq.htm
> Any Developer Kits?
> No. Currently a developer kit is planned feedback is sought from engineers
> on what is required. The best suggestion so far is for a kit priced around
> $1000 with parts to make a few complete cubes and *windows* *software*
> talking to PIC based hardware.

Its never going to happen fool!
Even PICs are now being programmed with Linux tools.
The C compiler is GPL'd code.
Much of the software modules like TCP/IP stack are all open sourced.
Even robotics is all going open source.

Looks like the world of WINDUMMY OSen is dying or is just
vapours of a lingering ghost in many areas.