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Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2008 18:29:52 -0400
From: "Malhotra, Kunal"

Dear Friends,

The following is an upcoming hearing of the New York City Council
Technology in Government Committee that might be of interest to you.

Tech Committee Holds Webcasting Hearing

Council Plans to Expand Digital Live and VOD

City Hall - On Wednesday, October 29, 2008, Council Member Gale A.
Brewer (D-Manhattan), Chair of the Technology in Government Committee,
will hold a hearing regarding Introduction 533-A which amends the City
Charter to require that all public meetings be webcast.

Council Member Brewer has been examining the benefits of webcasting
since 2006, but efforts to require the City to move forward with
webcasting of public meetings gathered new attention after former
Governor Spitzer issued his Executive Order 3 in 2007, "Promotion of
Public Access to Government Decisionmaking." The Executive Order
requires all state agencies and authorities to webcast their public

Nearly six years ago, the Council developed a pilot program to stream
and archive stated Council meetings with the goal of creating a more
open, efficient, and effective government. Currently, one can only view
Council proceedings through NYC-TV's Channel 74 (Council 51). While
Channel 74 covers certain City Council hearings and meetings, it does
not offer the flexibility and accessibility that web enabled 'on demand'
video would provide.

Intro 533-A has been revisited to analyze the benefits of webcasting and
archiving Council meetings in order for New York City residents and all
other interested parties to watch the proceedings. Intro 533-A requires
all New York City Council committee hearings, stated meetings, and
public meetings of city agencies and their committees to be broadcast
digitally on the web. Furthermore, the broadcasts shall be archived and
made accessible to the public on the city's website for not less than
one year from the date of the original broadcast.

The Council Technology in Government Committee will hold the hearing
regarding webcasting on Wednesday, October 29, 2008 at 10 AM in the 14th
Floor Hearing Room of 250 Broadway, New York. This is a public meeting
and all are welcome to attend.

For further information or to sign up to speak, contact Kunal Malhotra,
Director of Budget and Legislation, at (212) 788-6975 or




Kunal Malhotra

Director of Legislation & Budget

Office of Council Member Gale A. Brewer

250 Broadway, Room 1744

New York, NY 10007


Office: (212) 788-6975

Cell: (347) 461-4329