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Back to the Summit: A chat with John Lilly, Mozilla CEO

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| During the last Mozilla Summit, in past July, I had the chance to talk face
| to face with many mozillians for the first time.
| If anything, I have to say the Mozilla community is a very friendly bunch of
| people to be with. All of them very compromised with the particular role each
| one plays in the very large Mozilla ecosystem, resulting in a very inspiring
| experience knowing that there’s no small role to play as long as you play it
| well.


10 Cool and Funny Firefox Video Ads

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| Firefox is the only web browser in the world that has tons of enthusiastic
| followers. I've seen desktop wallpapers, icons, t-shirts, graffiti, and even
| tattoos that are dedicated to Firefox. But it didn't stop there. Just
| recently, I saw some videos on YouTube that promotes the use of Firefox.


Minimal Firefox

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| Used Hide Caption by Ji Shiping, to hide the title bar. Cons: have to aim
| below the window control buttons to move the window; need a Mozilla Add-ons
| account to download.


3 Ways to Find Pages Fast with Firefox 3

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| The Firefox 3 “awesome bar” generally does a good job of finding the web page
| you want when you start typing into it. With its ability to look into your
| history, go to a URL, or trigger a search of the web, it offers multiple
| avenues to get to where you want to go. But it can still be improved. If you
| find yourself navigating around the web on a frequent basis (and what web
| worker doesn’t?) here are a selection of ways to supercharge your searching.


Firefox Themes: The Contention Between Visual Hierarchy and Toolbar

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| When we were receiving feedback during the development of the Windows themes
| for Firefox 3, one question tended to come up a lot:


The dark (theme) side of Firefox

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| For those inclined to black or dark desktops, here are six nice Firefox
| themes you want to give a try.
| Pictured here on Windows XP with the Royal Noir theme for darker effect. All
| available from Mozilla Add-ons, but for those marked experimental you will
| need an account.



Review: Firefox 3.1 Beta Leaves IE in Ashes

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| Firefox 3.1 is the fastest version yet. One of our favorite sites to use for
| testing is papervision3d.org because it is so graphics heavy. Firefox 3.1
| took 25 seconds to fully load. Compare this to our last Firefox 3 review on
| the same machine, Firefox 3 took 45 seconds to load the site's 3D image.
| The browser is unquestionably fast. It also comes with some new features,
| many of them under-the-hood and dealing with advanced CSS capabilities, but
| there are some new interface features as well. For instance, Cntrl-tab has
| been added as a shortcut to quickly switch between tabs. Also, tabs can be
| dragged and dropped between Mozilla windows, a feature that works well and
| smoothly.
| [...]
| The performance in this version is superb. It will be interesting to keep an
| eye out to see if any security exploits are discovered.


Hands on: Fennec alpha 1 puts Firefox on your handheld

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| I tested the Fennec alpha on my Nokia N810 running Diablo, the latest stable
| version of the Maemo platform. Mozilla is currently using the Nokia Internet
| Tablet devices as the reference platform for public testing of Fennec. Users
| who do not own one of the Nokia devices can also download a version that runs
| in a window on regular desktop computers, much like an XULRunner application.


Mozilla Firefox 3.1 on Its Way to Setting Web Video Standard

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| Firefox has a huge user base and acceptance from web developers, which
| theoretically makes Mozilla less vulnerable to submarine patent lawsuits, as
| companies would risk in terms of image if such actions were taken, as
| Mitchell Baker commented at the Products and Technology Roadmap Mozilla
| Summit session. Mike Shaver, Mozilla’s Interim VP of Engineering,
| added, "Somebody had to do it. It’s good it was us."

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