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Battle of the Thumb Drive Linux Systems

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| These days, it only takes an increasingly-cheap USB thumb drive and a program
| like UNetbootin to create a portable Linux desktop you can run on any
| computer that can boot from a USB port. But check out the list of
| distributions UNetbootin can download and install—it's huge, and the names
| don't tell you much about which distro is best for on-the-go computing. Today
| we're detailing four no-install distributions—Damn Small Linux, Puppy Linux,
| Xubuntu, and Fedora—and helping you decide which might work for that spare
| thumb drive you've got lying around, or as just a part of your multi-gig
| monster stick. Read on for a four-way faceoff of bootable Linux systems.


Fedora, Ubuntu and several other distros achieve this too. The code (features)
is being shared, so no surprise here.

5 Interesting Linux Distro Names

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| Debian? Ubuntu? Sidux? Pardus? Mepis? Gentoo? Whoa! Why are these Linux
| distros so strangely named? Why not name a OS simply - door, room or window?
| Although, Linux distros have very strange names but it is interesting to
| know, why they are called so?



Ubuntu's Live USB Disk Creator

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| Ubuntu 8.10 is shipping next week with a horde of updated packages including
| the Linux 2.6.27 kernel, X.Org 7.4, Pidgin 2.5, GIMP 2.6, and many other
| packages that have experienced significant milestones since the April release
| of Ubuntu 8.04. On top of these updated packages from the community,
| Canonical has been working on a few desktop Linux innovations of their own.
| For instance, arriving late into the Intrepid Ibex release cycle is a USB
| start-up disk creator. In this article we are providing a quick look at this
| utility to easily spin your own USB disk images.


Fedora on a stick

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| Fedora 9 now lets you create a bootable Linux distribution on a flash drive
| with persistence. In other words, you can not only boot any PC that will
| accept USB drive booting into Linux, you can even boot into your own personal
| desktop. Now, that can be useful.


Fedora 9 Puts Your Desktop on a USB Drive

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| Turning a live CD ISO into a bootable USB image has been possible for some
| time now, but it usually involves some heavy lifting with the command line,
| and almost always in Linux. Fedora's liveusb-creator program makes USB
| imaging dead simple, and the Fedora distribution itself has a lot going for
| it. The latest "community" version of Red Hat's Linux package benefits from
| the same updates to the GNOME desktop that Ubuntu's Hardy Heron includes, and
| KDE fans get a pretty full-featured version that runs on the customizable KDE
| 4.

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