On Sun, 26 Oct 2008 03:37:20 -0500, Terry Porter wrote:

> As everyone knows, Linux made the Netbook market possible, resulting in
> lightweight, fast and very inexpensive mobile computers.

Not exactly.....

> As everyone also knows, Linux is all about CHOICE!

Linux is about confusion, fragmentation, massive duplication services and
poor quality applications.

The Chinese seem to agree that Linux isn't even compatible with itself:


"Hu Ke, an analyst from CCID Consulting, said China's Linux industry has
problems in products, users, communities, and market channels. Hu said that
there are too many incompatible Linux editions in the industry, which
hampers their promotion."

> 1) Grab the Debian Lenny image: http://eeepc.debian.net/images/debian-
> eeepc_20081017.img (about 16MB)
> 2) Copy it onto your USB stick or SD card in the normal way with dd
> (making sure any existing filesystems on the device are unmounted with
> 'umount' first -- check this with 'df').
> Example:
> gronk1 eeepc # dd if=/mnt/sdb1/ISO/eeepc/debian-eeepc_20081017.img of=/
> dev/sdg
> 32000+0 records in
> 32000+0 records out
> 16384000 bytes (16 MB) copied, 5.88777 s, 2.8 MB/s
> 3) Run sync to make sure the iso is fully flushed to the USB stick
> gronk1 eeepc # sync
> 4) Plug the USB stick, and a LAN cable into the EeePC and turn it on
> 5) Press ESC immediately after powerup, and select the USB key
> 6) Install Debian from the GUI as usual.

Oh yea, that's going to have people running to Linux!

You're so out of touch with ordinary users.

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