Alias wrote:
>and you can download the new Ubuntu, Intrepid Ibex, from
> What you can do with Ubuntu:
> Email
> Surf the web
> Burn CDs.
> Rip CDs.
> Listen to music.
> Watch vidoes/DVDs.
> Scan and print.
> Spreadsheets.
> Presentations
> Newsgroups.
> HTML editing.
> Games like Chess, Tetris, all kinds of solitaire, etc.
> Make videos.
> Download photos from a camera and organize them.
> Translations.
> Use a dictionary
> Learn how to touch type.
> Edit images.
> Send and receive a fax.
> Take screenshots.
> Create .PDF files.
> Create and use a data base.
> Instant messaging with over 10 different programs in one including
> Windows Live Messenger.
> IRC.
> Bluetooth.
> and much more!
> What you can't do with Ubuntu:
> Worry about:
> WPA and WGA raising their ugly heads,
> DRM,
> Viruses,
> Root kits,
> Spyware,
> and
> Malware.
> The reasons that Ubuntu is more secure than Windows are twofold:
> 1. When *anything* in Ubuntu needs updating or patching, it all comes
> from the same source and a little orange star appears when any updates
> or patches are available. It's a known fact that anti virus apps and
> anti malware apps can only deal with nasties that are known, not the new
> ones. Hence, it is very important to be updated or patched and not just
> the operating system but everything that is installed on the computer.
> Windows has no central updating source and the user has to be checking
> constantly for updates to their programs or face the possibility of
> being compromised.
> 2. In Ubuntu, when anything wants to install, you have to key in your
> password. With Windows, you have to click on "OK" or nothing at all as
> is evidenced by drive by malware. Unlike Windows, the Linux kernel is
> not intertwined with a browser like Windows is with Internet Explorer
> and the kernel is kept away and protected from the user account.
> Alias