> "7" is getting one big hard-on because a new version of Ubuntu is
> coming out. Still the same old crap. Ubuntu won't run any of the
> popular programs. Ubuntu is still Free. Ubuntu still sucks.
> Nobody in their right mind would want to use Ubuntu.
> What you can do with Ubuntu:
> Email - Very simple e-mails
> Surf the web - Even Ubuntu can surf the web
> Burn CDs. - Lots of trouble
> Rip CDs. - Maybe with help
> Listen to music. - Yea, from your IPOD
> Watch video's/DVDs. - From your TV. Not from Ubuntu
> Scan and print. - Using your multi function printer.
> Spreadsheets. - You can calculate up to 100 numbers
> Presentations - If you like stick figures
> Newsgroups. - "7" is famous for this one. No wonder why he likes Ubuntu
> HTML editing. - Yes, basic TEXT editing of an HTML file can be done.
> Games like Chess, Tetris, all kinds of solitaire, etc. - That's it for
> games. Limited
> Make videos. - Very basic videos. Maybe 2 min in length before system
> crashes.
> Download photos from a camera and organize them. - Hell you can download
> pictures to your TV from your CAMERA.
> Translations. - Yes, you can get a translator to help you with Ubuntu
> Use a dictionary - You need a dictionary to figure out the Ubuntu language
> Learn how to touch type. - Funny, a keyboard can do that.
> Edit images. - Whoppteee DO
> Send and receive a fax. - What do you think your multi-function PRINTER
> is for.
> Take screenshots. - So you can send to his mom
> Create .PDF files. - Adobe makes sure you can do this.
> Create and use a data base. - Yes, open a text file and create a database.
> Brilliant.
> Instant messaging with over 10 different programs in one including
> Windows Live Messenger.
> IRC.
> Bluetooth. Whopptee Do.
> What you can't do with Ubuntu:

Were you trying a LiveCD on a Timex Sinclair again? No wonder you
could only make 2 minute videos! I have a 16k ram extension laying
around here somewhere - that should get you well into the 3 minute mark.
Oh no, wait. I'm using it to play Flight Simulator right now... sorry.

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