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Mac OS is better than Ubuntu Linux: A myth

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| The myths
| * Ubuntu does not have a good UI : This is absolutely rubbish, checkout
| the new KDE that comes with Ubuntu.
| * To install software a user has to use a command line on Ubuntu :
| Another false claim. The Synaptic package manager is brilliant and does
| not require interaction with the command line. There are some software
| that do need command line usage. Then again those won’t be ones an
| average user is going to use.
| * You have to build software from source code on Ubuntu. This is not
| something an average user would be able to do : The software that come in
| source code form are definitely not intended for the average user. The
| ones that are meant for the average user come in binary formats that are
| easy to install.
| [...]



Dell Mini Inspiron 9

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| I’m living the dream, I tell you! I’ve swapped my MacBook for a Dell Mini and
| so far the experience has been pretty positive.


Moving from Mac to Ubuntu: Why I’m switching

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| Why I’m leaving Mac
| * *1. Crap file management.The Finder doesn’t work for me. No location bar
| * *and no tree strucure side panel makes it difficult to navigate folders and
| * *move files around the way I want to.
| * *2. Insufficient panels & customization. In Ubuntu I can have as many
| * *panels I want, can put all kinds of stuff on them, and can arrange them
| * *however I want. In OSX You just have the dock, and you can really only put
| * *applications or files on them, and you can’t even put in a separator to
| * *keep them organized.
| * *3. Various other annoyances. Such as:
| * * * * * * program menus are glued to the top of the screen on one monitor
| * * * * * only, which detaches them from the window. This is especailly
| * * * * * annoying when the program you’re using is on the second monitor.
| * * * * * * the date/time doesn’t open to a navigable calendar. I often use
| * * * * * this to check dates in the past or future.
| * * * * * * you can’t see hidden files unless you run a command from the
| * * * * * terminal to turn them on. Thus, hidden files are either always on
| * * * * * or always off.


Switch to Ubuntu Linux not Apple Mac OS

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| So why are people not going over to Ubuntu? Beats me. If you are looking for
| commercial technical support, Ubuntu does offer that. If you are looking at
| extreme personalization options Ubuntu offers that, probably even more than
| the Mac OS. If you are looking for easy upgrades to future versions, Ubuntu
| offers that. If you are looking for ease of use, Ubuntu offers that. If you
| are looking for robustness and security, Ubuntu is the best. Ubuntu can be
| installed on all types of hardware and even on older hardware. Mac OS does
| not offer this flexibility.
| The more I use Ubuntu, the more I fail to understand the lure of the Mac OS.
| Is it the snob value or stupidity that make people consider a Mac over
| Windows and not Ubuntu?

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