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Think Firefox 3 is fast? Try Firefox Minefield

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| You can download the latest nightly build for Mac OS X, Linux, or Windows,
| but be warned: it's alpha code. While a quick scan of the Web shows few
| complaints as to stability, Minefield may not be for you. It doesn't support
| some of my favorite Firefox extensions (like Adblock Plus), but it actually
| has surprisingly good support for extensions, given that it's a fast-moving
| project.


A Week Of Open Source Riches

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| Over the last couple of weeks, many of the open source projects that I use on
| a daily basis enjoyed new releases, including a Firefox competitor (sort of):
| Flock 2.0. Upgrade time!
| I was using the Firefox 3-based beta of Flock 2 for quite some time without
| noticing a great deal about it that was, well, beta-like. For ages it served
| as my default browser on my notebook; it shared time on my desktop with
| Firefox 3.0 (and later the 3.1 beta), as well as Google Chrome. And now Flock
| 2 is finally fully-baked and ready for public consumption.


about:mozilla - Firefox 3.1, Thunderbird, Mobile Firefox, Impact Mozilla,
localization, 2010 goals, Ubiquity, and more…

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| In this issue…
| * Firefox 3.1 beta 1 now available
| * Thunderbird “Shredder” alpha 3 released
| * First Mobile Firefox alpha released
| * Impact Mozilla: last call for submissions
| * Localization schedule for Firefox 3.1 beta 2
| * Discussing Mozilla’s proposed 2010 goals
| * Developer tools and the Open Web



First look: Mozilla's mobile Fennec browser

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| It is good to see Mozilla putting significant resources and effort into the
| mobile space. Mozilla changed the desktop browser marketplace; I hope its
| influence on mobile browsing will be even bigger.


Mozilla Firefox 3.1 on Its Way to Setting Web Video Standard

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| Firefox has a huge user base and acceptance from web developers, which
| theoretically makes Mozilla less vulnerable to submarine patent lawsuits, as
| companies would risk in terms of image if such actions were taken, as
| Mitchell Baker commented at the Products and Technology Roadmap Mozilla
| Summit session. Mike Shaver, Mozilla’s Interim VP of Engineering,
| added, "Somebody had to do it. It’s good it was us."


Mozilla Debuts Mobile Browser Alpha

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| Mozilla late Thursday released the first public preview of its mobile
| browser, and took the unusual step of offering it in versions for desktop PCs
| and Macs to collect feedback.


Firefox for Mobile: What you need to know

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| How would you like to be among the first to get touchy-feely with the next
| mobile browser everyone's talking about? Mozilla's release of the Firefox for
| Mobile alpha code, code-named Fennec, grants that wish to users of the Nokia
| N810 and N800 Internet tablet (installation details here).


Firefox for Mobile: first screenshots!

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| The Awesome Bar, which lets you search for pages intuitively and directly, is
| prominent, though can clearly be tidied away for a more screen estate for the
| web page itself.


Mozilla plans mobile Firefox, plus 'public resource' usage data

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| Mozilla's chief has set goals for the development of the open source project
| over the next two years, including the release of a mobile version of Firefox
| by 2010.


Mozilla's Mobile Firefox Targets Summer Release

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| You are one of 8 million users who just downloaded Firefox 3.0. But are you
| ready for Firefox for mobile?
| Later this summer, Mozilla hopes to unveil an alpha release of a mobile
| version of the popular desktop Web browser. A beta release could be available
| by year-end.

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