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Event eyes ICT Innovation with Open Source & Mobile Content

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| "We are bringing together aspiring entrepreneurs, or those who are still in
| the early stages of their business careers, and bringing them to link in with
| successful FOSS entrepreneurs so that they learn about the business models
| and what it takes to make success happen," Gordon said.



United Nations University urges legislators to support open source software

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| United Nations University (UNU-MERIT) experts urge parliamentarians to
| support open source software and information technologies as a way to let
| citizens participate meaningfully in the information society. They also
| emphasize that policy markers should consider information and communications
| technologies from a social rather than technical viewpoint.


UN agency and Microsoft plan increased collaboration

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| The head of the United Nations International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
| and the Chairman of Microsoft Bill Gates have discussed enhancing their
| collaboration on using information technology to spur development around the
| world.


UN think tank urges legislators to support 'open source' information
technologies, software

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| "Participation in, not just access to, the information society is important"
| Ghosh told the UN event, attended by members of parliament from over 40
| countries. "Open source software gives people fishing rods, not just fish."
| “The main issue here is a plea for open standards as they guarantee
| competition,” says Prof. Luc Soete, Director of Maastricht-based UNU-MERIT,
| underlining the importance of this topic to the Institute’s work. Recently
| published UNU-MERIT studies demonstrate the strong role of open source
| software in skills development.


UN University Launches OpenCourseWare

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| It seems a no-brainer that the United Nations University (yes, it exists)
| should make available its courses for the world and her dog to use...



Technical support for open source system now in GenSan

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| Dr. Francisco Sarmiento III, project officer of the United Nations
| Development Programme-International Open Source Network (UNDO-IOSN) Asean+3
| Sub-regional Node, said local small and medium enterprises (SMEs), government
| and non-government organizations migrating towards the free and open source
| software (FOSS) may now link up for support with the Mindanao State
| University's (MSU) Computer Center here.


UN partners with MSU-Gensan for dev't of 1st Foss center

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| A United Nations (UN)-funded organization promoting the use of the free and
| open source software (Foss) has forged a partnership with the Mindanao State
| University (MSU) for the development of Southeast Asia's first OpenHUB or
| accessible FOSS resource center.


Talking FOSS at the UN

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| Weesner says that despite the fact that speakers like Stallman and Cooper
| were well-received last year, "This year [the delegates] expressed a wish to
| hear more from real-world users instead of the technologists and advocates.
| This year's agenda does not include open source software developers, apart
| from Chris DiBona, who will be representing the Google case." Other
| unconfirmed guest speakers include Virgin America, SchoolNet Namibia, and
| Banco do Brasil.


UN body releases desktop Linux guide

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| A UN-funded organisation has produced a Linux desktop
| user guide to encourage the take-up of Linux in
| developing countries


UN Technical Agency Honors Mozilla

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| This is an enormous honor. It is a very significant recognition
| of the work of the Mozilla project. I want to thank the ITU for
| selecting Mozilla and congratulate the Mozilla community for
| making such an impact in people's online lives.


UN body releases desktop Linux guide

,----[ Summary ]
| A UN-funded organisation has produced a Linux desktop
| user guide to encourage the take-up of Linux in
| developing countries


Editor's Corner (on Open Source in Healthcare)

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| Suggesting that a private healthcare provider switch from
| proprietary software to open source-based applications is one
| thing. But when an official affiliated with as august a body as
| the United Nations suggests that all member countries adopt open
| source for their healthcare applications, that's a much bigger deal.

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