From: High Plains Thumper
Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
Subject: Finally busted ....
Date: Tue, 05 Dec 2006 22:35:18 +0900
Organization: Single Cylinder Bikes
Lines: 45
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Well, it looks like I'm busted.

I found out that AIOE uses an encrypted ID for posting host, but it is not
randomised by contact. It is related to the IP address that posting host
uses and is consistent.

I figured that since the trolls use AIOE to anonymise themselves, why not?

I have found out that it can be tied to a particular user. My ISP does not
change my IP address.

Live and learn ....

Anyway, I got a kick out of some of the responses as "Wendy Toiletwater",

Well, I figure that trying to be like the trolls and do some limited
trolling is probably, well, best left up to trolls.

It was fun trying, but it is too much trouble to look for anonymising

BTW, Tim Smith is still on his high horse, believing the COLA charter is in
error. His position is what it states is not what it means. Now he has
backed down his claim that 400 advocacy messages are now 200, between the 10
days that David Sill first posted a straw poll to see if there was an
interest in creating new newsgroups to replace, then
modified it to include COLA back in Fall 1994.

In a casual look on Google, I found that so called advocacy posts on COLH
took on different flavours. Not all were advocacy related.

Tim Smith keeps shifting the goal post. Basically he wants a newsgroup that
matches the comp.unix.advocacy charter created back in 1993.

It states,

| CHARTER: For discussions of the form 'Unix sucks!', 'Unix rules!', 'Unix
| is obsolete!', 'Unix is better/worse than system X', and similar.

Oddly they got what they wanted back in 1993, but that group now has very
few posts.