Roy Schestowitz writes:

> Ballmer Needs to Learn the Art of Shutting Up

You need to learn English.

> ,----[ Quote ]
> | As though this weren't enough, he kept right on talking. In a column on
> | ComputerWorld called Ballmer Says Skip Vista, my colleague, Steven J
> | Vaughan-Nichols reports that Ballmer told the same audience if they wanted to
> | wait for Windows 7, they certainly can. Come again?! That's right,
> it's a

You mean he's not FORCING them to upgrade to Vista. Good God man - are
you saying this is a BAD thing!??!?!?!

> | statement so outrageous coming out of the mouth of the Microsoft CEO, that
> | it's hard to believe he said it. I'm sure his PR people were just thrilled to
> | hear that, as was the Vista sales team. As Vaughan-Nichols says, this is a
> | prime opportunity for Apple and Linux to continue to capture market share
> | while waiting for the elusive Windows 7.
> |
> | Giving Apple and Linux a Huge Opening

Apple maybe. Linux has missed the boat IMO. Only time will tell.

> |
> | Given that many people are just looking for an excuse to jump ship from
> | Microsoft, you might think that the CEO would be doing damage
> | control for the

No they are not. They just keep trundling along with XP.

> | OS his beleaguered company is trying to sell today, but instead he's saying
> | it's OK to move on and wait for the next one. This is just bone-headed coming
> | from your chief executive, the individual whose job is to promote your
> | company's public image, yet there he was sticking his foot in hit once again.
> `----
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How many more times Roy?

You condone this? You're an arsehole of the worst order. It's no wonder
you will never get a real job.