Battled with DVB today. Took some googling. Extremely depressing that
banshee, mplayer, xine and vlc all refused to play DVB though even
though the kernel modules were clearly loaded. Had to install Kaffeine
with all the associated dross. Then googled up me-tv which is a gnome
dvb player. Not bad. Could do with some work with window resize. e.g if
I set a playback window then showing the controls should expand the
window and not squeeze them up. Turning them off should then revert to
previous window size. Some bugs with "creating node" in the record
module but overall not a bad application whatsoever.

The instructions I followed for installing it are a mixture of these
pages. As usual with so many how tos too much hardcoded garbage with
them second guessing your kernel etc:

But finally got it going. Nice.

Hauppage Nova TD. Dirt cheap. Quality build. USB. Works.


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