I'm trying to use SVN integration in KDevelop 3.5.3 without any
success. I created a repository on a server PC running linux, I can
access and use it under windows with TortoiseSVN without any problem.
Then I created a new project in KDevelop and selected subversion as
version control system, then I set my repository address as in
Tortoise but I was suprised to see that KDevelop wanted to access to
repository without asking me username and password: it only reported
me an error when it tried to write to repository. Where I'm wrong ?
Does KDevelop supports only anonymous access to svn repository ? I've
seen that, after project creation, in project options - version
control system the repository selection text box disappeared even if
subversion is still selected: it's normal ? How I can chanage setting
without creating a new project ?

Thanks in advance to anybody can help me.
Best Regards.
Simone Navari