It’s been a year since I got the helm from the headless horseman last
Say “happy Halloween” to all of your friends.
There's been a big change to the Achievement needed to get the
"Hallowed" title (it's actually gotten a lot easier), the Headless
Horseman has a new loot table, and -- well, it's been a year since
we've seen it anyway, so here's a round-up of WoW Insider's articles
on Hallow's End. As an FYI, we're also expecting patch 3.03 to hit
alongside Hallow's End, and it should contain a number of bug fixes
for problems that have cropped up since 3.02 hit Tuesday and some
class tweaks. With that said, nobody's 100% certain of what's actually
going to go live, so check back; we should have more information this

Read on for a guide to the holiday quests, the new Achievement related
to the holiday, and some fun stuff you can do ingame til November 1st! for more information about the