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GPL Project Watch List for Week of 10/17

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| This week our GPL v3 count is at 3334 GPL v3 projects, an increase of 97 GPL
| v3 projects. The AGPL v3 count is at 181 AGPL v3 projects. The LGPL v3 number
| is at 370 LGPL v3 projects, an increase of 25 LGPL v3 projects.


National Conference On Free Software, Kochi India

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| National Conference On Free Software 2008 is being organized in Cochin
| Kerala(India) on 15 and 16 November 2008. Last years event was held in
| Hyderabad and for some reason I didn't get news in time. Perhaps we should
| remedy this time around, I request readers to please spread the word about
| the conference widely.


"Don’t encourage new, cross-platform Java classes, especially don’t help get
great Win 32 implementations written/deployed. [...] Do encourage
fragmentation of the Java classlib space."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * --Ben Slivka, Microsoft


GPLv3, one year later

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| As Brown points out, "GPLv3 is probably the most adopted license in the last
| year. And it seems to achieve its aims thus far." For any other license, this
| performance would be a runaway success. It is only by comparison with the
| dominance of the second version of the GPL licenses that the success of the
| third versions might seem disappointing.


How The GPL Defangs Patent Trolls

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| Why would a patent troll agree to this? Don Marti explains how the GPL
| strengthened Red Hat's bargaining position. In a normal patent licensing
| negotiation, the patent troll would demand a per-user license fee that would
| be passed along to the vendor's customers. But the GPL specifically prohibits
| Red Hat from doing this; if Red Hat agreed to pay per-user royalties, it
| would be in violation of the GPL and would lose the right to distribute the
| software at all.

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