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Progress Software Touts Benefits of Open Source with FUSE ESB 4.0 Release

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| The FUSE Integration Designer also provides tooling for creating and
| deploying Web services within FUSE ESB using FUSE Services Framework – which
| is based on Apache CXF a very popular open source Web services framework. A
| lot of users like how we package, test, and support the Apache projects and
| also focus on interoperability and testing across the components.


Fuse ESB 4.0 is first open-source product since Iona purchase

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| Progress Software has issued its first open-source product, releasing Fuse
| ESB 4.0 on Tuesday after completing its acquisition of middleware company
| Iona Technologies.


Apatar Accelerates Customer Data Integration Between Open Source SugarCRM
Package and 3rd-party Applications

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| Apatar, Inc., the leading provider of open source software tools for the data
| integration market, today officially announced connectivity to the SugarCRM
| open source suite. The new SugarCRM connector is designed to integrate data
| between the popular customer relation management system and a variety of
| 3rd-party data sources, allowing for this data to be filtered, validated, and
| cleansed. Provided with Apatar’s drag-and-drop interface, the SugarCRM
| connector does not require coding skills and can be deployed by almost any
| business user.



Credit crunch moves business to adopt open source

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| “The world is undergoing serious economic turbulence, but at a time when
| businesses know they simply cannot terminate IT projects, open source
| software providers the perfect solution,” claimed John Powell, Alfresco chief
| executive.
| He said that with open source, public and private sector companies resisted
| the demands of proprietary vendors, created a flexible infrastructure as well
| as lower IT spend.


Open sauce Alfresco has its best ever quarter

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| ALFRESCO SOFTWARE announced its strongest ever quarterly financial results
| today, reporting that customer interest has increased during the global
| economic downturn as organisations turn to more cost effective and scalable
| open source software products.


Zenoss Announces Record Quarterly Customer Growth amid Struggling Economy

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| Commercial open source IT management firm grows 85 percent quarter over
| quarter


Compiere Closes Third Quarter with Continued Global Expansion and 195 Percent

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| Compiere, Inc., the global leader in open source business solutions, this
| week closed a strong third quarter during which the company reports a 195
| percent revenue growth for Q3 2008 compared to Q3 2007, as well as a 59
| percent growth in subscribers. In addition, the company continued its global
| expansion by adding partners in North America, Europe, Middle East and
| Africa, and Asia Pacific regions.

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