Monkey Guy has now officially admitted that Windows 7 will simple be Vista R2, a minor upgrade of Vista. Then heck, why the hell did it take them two years to come up with this? Was Vista screwed up that bad?!!

Most of the original Vista pain points such as the dreaded DRM and Activation are still present in Vista R2 err Windows 7, so I predict it will be an even bigger flop than Vista, with Microsoft losing its grip on the entire PC business and people starting to look elsewhere for a replacement. Both Apple and Linux will thrive, but Linux will be the eventual winner because of its vendor agnostic heritage.

You know, the problem is that companies like Microsoft only think in terms of 'and-and' since they are trying to grow their business. They think 'we already have a monopoly in PC operating systems, what can we do to rake in more cash? AAaah! Video and audio downloads!' And so they added the dreaded DRM to Vista which people find unacceptable, and because of this they are risking *everything* since people will turn away from Windows. It's like they're playing 'double or nothing.'

Windows 7 will be viewed by most people as 'Yet Another Vista' and resulting in Linux gaining at least 25 to 30% marketshare before its successor appears. Woe Microsoft.

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