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PSPP brings an industry standard statistical tool to Linux

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| Newer versions of SPSS work on Linux, thanks to the cross-platform magic of
| Java, but a fully enabled (non-student) license costs nearly $1,700, and
| annual maintenance costs an additional $425. Worse, the license is
| time-limited -- in 2011 my legally purchased license of SPSS 11 will expire.
| The cost and licensing provisions of SPSS create an opportunity for our
| community to develop an alternative.
| PSPP: An open source alternative
| As an open source alternative, PSPP 0.6 is an incomplete yet compelling
| product that should grab the attention of developers and end users alike. It
| gives Linux a general purpose data analysis tool with the accessibility
| advantages of its proprietary cousin. If you're in the market for an open
| source statistical package, there are two reasons PSPP should be on your
| short list: its new GUI, psppire, and its high degree of compatibility with
| SPSS syntax.


Another things that's deployed on GNU/Linux:

Siteconcept to Distribute the AXIGEN Mail Server in France

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| AXIGEN and Siteconcept close partnership for expanding the distribution of
| the AXIGEN Mail Server in France.



German Rapid-I pushes open source data mining forward

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| Rapid-I markets RapidMiner, an open source data mining solution known as YALE
| (Yet Another Learning Environment) until mid 2007, when it was rebranded for
| legal reasons. Its proprietary counterparts (e.g. SAS, SPSS) have a stronger
| focus on (classical) statistics and well-established standard data mining
| processes (including industry sector-specific solutions and tools), while
| RapidMiner is more generic, with a stronger focus on flexibility,
| extendability, artificial intelligence methods and meta-learning, as well as
| on the data mining process as a whole, including arbitrary process nesting
| and automated optimisation.

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