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Flock 2 browser takes flight with a few surprises

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| Considering Flock's heavy emphasis on rich media interaction and including
| all this extra functionality out of the box, the resource improvements and
| overall polish make Flock 2 a great all-in-one tool for birds of a social
| feather.



Flock 2.0 Has Arrived

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| Flock, the social Web browser built on Mozilla Firefox is now out of beta and
| can be integrated with the MySpace Data Availability platform.



Flock: Firefox's Social Cousin

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| In June, updates on two browsers were released: Firefox version 3 and Flock
| version 2 (beta). Those in the know are already aware that the Flock browser
| was built (at least in part) with Firefox 3 code as its foundation.


The Browser Wars : Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer and Flock

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| Firefox is a browser designed from scratch to be secure, fast and
| customisable. It is the safest browser available, as it doesn’t contain many
| of the more obvious vulnerabilities that IE has, such as ActiveX components
| so often used to install spyware on IE-users’ machines. Firefox is still
| under very active development by a huge community of volunteer coders, many
| of whom worked at Netscape in its heyday. If a vulnerability is found, it is
| corrected and an update made available in days, sometimes hours. This means
| Firefox cannot fall into the same trap that IE did — receiving no updates for
| years and having its various security holes get exploited by thousands of
| hackers and virus writers.


Hands on: Flock 2 steps up the social browser game

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| I've remained a Safari man at heart over the years because of its slim, zippy
| nature, but Flock 2 is the first feature-packed (and fast) browser I've used
| that doesn't drag my computer down with its extra baggage. I tip my hat to
| the Flock team, as Flock 2 has already earned a place in my Dock.


Flock me! It’s a new 2.0 beta browser based on Firefox 3!

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| Social networking browser, Flock, has reached the 2.0 milestone in beta
| status, bringing together all the major social networking sites in the one
| browser. Offering all the enhancements of Firefox 3.0, you’ll only be
| flocking to use this browser if you’re a big social networking user.


Flock Releases New Test Version of Open Source Social Browser

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| The newest version of Flock incorporates improvements from Mozilla's Firefox
| 3 browser, which is scheduled for release Tuesday.


What the Flock - the Social Browser Revolution

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| At first, Flock appealed to me in a purely superficial way. As you may have
| noticed, I’m a sucker for style, good design and pretty textures, and Flock
| certainly unites all of these features.
| Fortunately, that’s not all there is to tell. Flock is based on Mozilla
| Firefox and was first released in 2005. Back then it may have been a little
| bit ahead of its time since social web was only in its beginnings. Recently
| however, Flock has enjoyed very positive media coverage and its popularity
| virtually exploded in the beginning of this year, reaching close to three
| million downloads and increasing the number of active users by 135% [Source
| via Wikipedia].



Flock 1.1.1

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| Search with Flock is slightly different from other browsers because as text
| is typed in, Flock will start searching from the web as well as a user's
| favourites and history. These initial results are shown in a drop down menu.
| Note that versions for Mac OS X and Linux are available from the Flock
| website.



Flock 1.0 Coming Fall 2007

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| When Flock 0.9 launched it was a pretty big overhaul, and now their next big
| milestone is Flock 1.0 which currently has a vague release date of Fall 2007.
| Honestly this is the dream browser for any heavy social network user out
| there, and hopefully they’ll pursue more of the less tech savvy people who
| use MySpace, Facebook, and YouTube because I can guarantee that they would
| absolutely love it.


Review: Flock - Open Source Social Media Browser

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| Flock is just released version 1.1 including new features like Picasa
| integration and web mail integration with Gmail and Yahoo! mail. I really
| like the inclusiveness of the Flock browser. The sidebar is very useful but
| it’s hard to be deep with every feature set such as the RSS feature and the
| Twitter integration. I think the web clipboard is very useful but there are
| other types of clipboards that are universal for all your applications are
| better tools for someone going to Where I think Flock falls down is in it’s
| resource footprint, it seems to be a little sluggish in comparison to
| Firefox. If you want fast performance and don’t care about all the other
| stuff then stick with Firefox but if you want a single tool for all your Web
| 2.0 needs you can probably save some time with Flock but you will still
| probably need some of your favorite Firefox extensions to make it meet all
| your needs.


Flock 0.9 lands gracefully

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| The Flock project has been building a "social Web browser" since 2005.


Flock: social browser gets significant update

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| However, with version 0.9 comes a major UI redesign, and some significant
| new functionality, as well as a foundation built on top of the latest
| Firefox 2 codebase.

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