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The State of Linux Docks

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| Brief history of Docks: NeXTstep was first to introduce the idea of “docks”
| in an operating system back in 1989 when neXTstep 1.0 was first released.
| Later as most of Nextstep’s codebase was used on OpenStep and then on OS
| X, “dock” was one of the few original and the most prominent features that
| stayed with OS X. Looking Glass was a free open source dock written in Java,
| developed by a Sun Microsystem employee in his spare time on a Linux laptop.
| It was first demonstrated publicly in 2003. There is an argument among
| fanboys that Apple stole took the idea of 3D look and feel from the Project
| Looking Glass, to give apple docks its present look; however there is no
| question that Apple, which bought NeXTstep (founded by Steve Jobs), was the
| original developer of the concept of “docks”. As of October 8, 2008 Apple was
| awarded patent for Mac OS X Dock after waiting for almost nine years.


I use AWN and it's very impressive. It can do things Leopard can't.


Bringing Aim to Awn! (Finally)

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| Since the start of Awn I have wanted to bring Aim to Awn, to chat with. I
| just thought it would be neat.
| [...]
| I decided to decided to edit that applet and make it into something
| different, more pleasing to me. So after trial and error with a bunch of the
| code, I was editing, I finally got something to work for me!!
| Here are some screen shots:



AWN Updates: New 3D Effect

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| AWN is developing so quickly that it is worthwhile updating and recompiling
| on a daily basis to see the changes. Today brought a new look for the
| Volume-Control-Applet and a new Icon effect: 3D turn. As you mouse over the
| icons they spin around their vertical axis. Below are a few screenies, but
| the 3D effect would be best to see in a video. I'm a bit time-strapped, so
| it's pictures only. But you'll get the idea.


Snaek Peek at Stacks for Awn

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| Stacks on Awn will get some more bling soon, as being discussed in this forum
| post(see pages 3+ of the post).

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