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Breaking Up With Bill

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| You SOB! You BSODed my old desktop enough times already!
| “Ay, ma’am, XP na lang,” the technician offered.
| So it was back to the Bill that I was used used to.
| But things were never the same with me again. I ditched IE for FF. I
| installed OpenOffice.
| I wanted to be free.
| It was not a surprise that I met Linus.
| He does not talk in mindless riddles. He offers security, variety,
| transparency, efficiency, freedom. And all for free.


Windows XP - PCLinuxOS Dual Boot Saves the Day

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| I didn't have time to do a virus scan. A quick look at the main directory via
| the command prompt showing a hidden autorun.inf containing suspicious entries
| confirmed that there was one lurking around. Sure, I was able to remove the
| autorun.inf file, but who knows what other files contained them. To continue
| working on my spreadsheet ASAP, I simply restarted the system, booted up on
| PCLinuxOS, and completed my work there.



Fair trade

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| Computerbank's Kylie Davies was impressed with the prototype she saw at a
| recent Linux conference, which she says is an exciting tech step forward for
| the 99 per cent of children in developing countries who leave school without
| ever having touched a computer.


FOSSFA calls for use of open hardware

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| "No government should allow its freedom of choice to be restricted by the
| chance of prior hardware purchases. The fact of the matter is that government
| is a major purchaser of hardware and it can use that power to enforce
| openness among manufacturers and their products," he said

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