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Portland Oregon Hosts Lindependence Event

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| To the surprise of many, Lindependence 2008 did not end in Felton California.
| What many thought to be a publicity stunt has proven to be exactly what the
| founders planned for it to be...a template. So where do we go from here?
| Portland Oregon.
| While the initial founders of Lindependence could have looked back on Felton
| with rested satisfaction, neither of them decided that was what they wanted
| to do. When David Kaplan and Tyler Bearden approached Larry Cafiero about
| conducting the event in Portland, Larry and Ken were more than glad to help.
| With a bit of guidance from the founders, David and Tyler have worked hard to
| bring this next event into reality.



GNU/Linux Install Fest and Free Software Seminar Series in Technopark

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| GNU/Linux Users Group Trivandrum(http://www.ilug-tvm.org) and Zyxware
| Technologies(http://www.zyxware.com) are organizing a 5 day GNU/Linux
| Install Fest at Park Center, Technopark. This event offers a wonderful
| opportunity for all IT Professionals and Entrepreneurs to experience
| the various GNU/Linux Distributions and get their favorite distro
| installed on their laptops for free. The event will also feature a
| Business oriented Technical Seminar Series focusing on the various
| opportunities in the world of Free and Open Source Software. At the
| install fest Software T-Shirts, Stickers, CDs and DVDs will be
| available for sale.


Felton, California Residents Eschew Proprietary Software

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| It takes a village? How about a whole city? How about 100 cities? I enjoyed
| this item from LinuxInsider about residents of Felton, California who pledged
| to go proprietary software-free for at least a week. If you've ever been to
| Felton, which has a Santa Cruz-like countercultural flavor, this pledge makes
| sense. Felton isn't alone, though. As LinuxInsider reports, similar plans are
| in place for towns in Oregon and New Mexico, and 100 towns in Italy.


Visions of a Microsoft-Free World

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| Is free software taking over the world one town at a time? Residents of
| Felton, Calif., recently pledged to go proprietary-free for at least a week.
| Plans for similar events are reportedly under way in town in Oregon and New
| Mexico, as well as 100 towns in Italy.


Open source event targets developers

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| The organizers of an event billed as Southeast Asia's largest open source
| conference, are counting on developer interest to fill the seats at the event
| in February next year.
| [...]
| Oracle is running a showcase of its Oracle Enterprise Linux OS and
| virtualization product, Oracle VM, at a session it calls InstallFest,
| targeted at developers.
| Shane Owenby, senior director, Linux and open source, Oracle Asia-Pacific,
| told ZDNet Asia he expects a good turnout at the session. "Both products are
| receiving significant interest from developer communities [and] are also
| freely distributed by Oracle which also makes them attractive to developers,"
| he said.


OGC Announces Participation in FOSS4G Conference

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| The Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. (OGC®) will participate in the 2008 Free
| and Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G) Conference...



Vista poses environmental dangers

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| Microsoft Vista could have serious environmental implications,
| experts have warned.
| The latest version of Windows uses encryption methods that are
| incompatible with some older PCs. It also features high-end
| graphics capabilities that can only run on newer hardware.


Greenpeace: Vista could trigger a deluge of electronic waste

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| Beau Baconguis of the Southeast Asia section of the environmental
| protection organization Greenpeace has warned that the introduction
| by Microsoft of its new operating system Windows Vista might as a
| side effect trigger a deluge of electronic waste (E-waste). "With
| Vista, Microsoft could effectively hasten the obsolesence of half
| the world's PCs, especially in the absence of fully-functioning
| global take back systems for PCs," Ms. Baconguis declared.


Vista gets slated - by the Greens

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| The Green Party has slammed Microsoft and it's forthcoming operating
| system, Windows Vista, in a withering attack on the company's "monopoly".
| Microsoft not only takes criticism for allegedly environmentally
| unfriendly policies, but for attacking civil liberties.
| The party claims that "Vista gives Microsoft the ability to lock
| you out of your computer," and that "Microsoft are determined not
| to play fair" in the video content market.


Use GNU/Linux and help save the planet

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| Are Windows users, not by choice, the worst polluters of the planet
| relative to GNU/Linux? Well, not intentionally but the lifecycle of
| a machine running Windows must be shorter than that of a
| conscientious Linux user who can prevent that old 400MHZ Celeron PC
| with 128MBs of memory gathering dust in the corner from heading for
| the scrapheap.
| [...]
| The Chinese have a saying: the journey of a thousand miles begins
| with the first step. Reusing a puffing and wheezing old computer
| by installing a minimal GNU/Linux distro and staving off the day
| when it trudges forlornly to the scrapheap is at least a baby step
| in the right direction.


Computers in schools are an environmental time-bomb

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| Schools are using computers as room
| heaters which then need to be cooled using expensive air conditioning
| and Modern thin-client networks could reverse this trend and are
| available from the Open Source community and vendors of proprietary
| software today.


Report: Linux, open source greener than Windows

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| A new report from the U.K. Office of Government Commerce about Open
| Source Software Trials in Government, has found that servers running
| Linux could combat the rising problem of e-waste because they last
| up to twice as long as machines running Windows.


Is 'green' software possible?

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| He suggests using software such as Puppy Linux, a low resource version of
| Linux, and Portable Apps, a service-based approach to delivering
| applications.


16,000 Linux computers delivered - for free

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| With his non-profit organization called Alameda County Computer Resource
| Center, he built up a volunteer organization, collects donated stuff from the
| companies who provide them, strips any proprietary OS and software off the
| drives, re-installs everything with Linux and free applications, and then
| gives them to schools or other not-for-profit organizations or individuals
| without too much cash.
| A great man with a great mission. CNN called him a hero already.

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