I guess we’ll have more fun about doing pvp in the following patch.
Here comes a new place, Lake Wintergrasp:

Lake Wintergrasp was created with the goal to have a popular non-
instanced PvP Zone, developers want hundred of players fighting here
and a lot of work was done to make sure that zones won't crash when it

Just like SOTA, Wintergrasp will feature an attack/defend gameplay
where the attacking team attacks and capture a fort at the north of
the zone by breaking fortifications with siege weapons.

You will have to gain ranks to be able to use siege vehicles from
factories (also capturable) in the zone, these ranks are earned by
killing enemy players and they were added to make sure that all
players are participating in the match. Right now it only takes 2
kills to get the first rank.

The current timer for Lake Wintergrasp is 2 hours 30 minutes between
matches and a match shouldn't last more than 30 or 40 minutes.

The faction controlling the fort will get a free portal to teleport to
Dalaran (and also one in Dalaran to teleport to Wintergrasp), an
access to The Vault of Archevon featuring a new raid boss dropping
both PvE and PvP gear (1 day reset timer), and all bosses in instances
will drop spirit shards used to buy rewards from vendors in the fort.

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new place!