William Poaster wrote:

> On Thu, 16 Oct 2008 08:11:50 -0700, nessuno@wigner.berkeley.edu wrote:
>> This was hit upon when Vista first came out, and of course
>> all the trolls jumped up and down, saying, oh, but there *is* a way to
>> save in the old formats!! Seems to be true, but the point is that
>> many (most) users don't know about it, and get screwed with their
>> "trial" version of Office 2007. For Microsoft, it has the desired
>> effect: Lock-in.

> Yes, it seems a lot of them don't *realise* it saves in a *different*
> format from their other M$ Office applications, & therefore just click
> "Save As..." as normal. No warning pop ups to tell them that the default
> format *is not* compatible with earlier M$ Office releases. Oh, no.
> I can tell you that some have been pretty scathing in their remarks about
> M$, when they found they couldn't access their work!

Well, this is a cornerstone of the M$ business model. Forcing "upgrades"
in office software. Make them buy a new word processor, again and again,
even though the old ones worked plenty well for 90%+ of the users.