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Open Source Government: Sardinia Regional Law recommends Free Software

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| Sardinia region yesterday approved a Regional Law recommending the use of
| open-source technologies.
| Massimo Dadea, Sardinia’s Councilor for General Affairs, said that the most
| important news is represented by the inception of free software in the
| regional law.


European Open Source: Orvieto looks at creating an open source hub

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| Dana in fact recommends Europeans to find their way towards successful
| entrepreneurship, maybe following the Advanced Technology Development Center
| path, bringing together academic institutions, entrepreneurs and venture
| capitalists.



Open source tour of Europe: Italy

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| In July 2007 the IT department of the Italian Parliament presented plans for
| the migration of 200 servers and more than 3,500 desktop PCs to Linux and
| OpenOffice. The migration was due to begin in September and take two years.
| Regional government projects include Cremona, Foggia, Rome, Tuscany, Emilia
| Romagna, Genoa, Bologna, Balzano, Savona, Umbria, and Tuscany again.
| More details are available of Rome’s open source policy, Genova’s OpenOffice
| trials, Bologna’s open source projects, and Bolzano’s FUSS project.



Just a coincidence?

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| According to Davide Dozza, Chairman of Associazione PLIO: "The numbers are
| exactly the same. If it's just a coincidence, it's a very strange one.
| Downloads of the Italian version of OpenOffice.org were 800.000 in 2006 and
| 1.800.000 in 2007: the difference is exactly in the million of Italians
| that - according to Microsoft - have downloaded the trial version of Office
| 2007. We think that these users have decided to switch to OpenOffice.org as
| soon as they have realized that the effort to get used to the new ribbon
| interface is higher than the effort to migrate to the open source suite. In
| 2007, the majority of information requests has been about the compatibility
| with Windows Vista, and the trend stays unchanged in 2008". * * * *


Italian Ministry of Justice Adopts Red Hat Solutions

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| Red Hat (NYSE: RHT), the world’s leading provider of open source solutions,
| today announced that the Italian Ministry of Justice has selected Red Hat
| Enterprise Linux as the platform for its web-based Civil Justice
| applications, including those used for general cognizance, for civil
| execution and for the offices of the Small Claims courts.


Commission to MEP: We are able to accept and generate ODF

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| An assistent of Italian MEP Marco Cappato (ALDE) contacted us with the news
| that an answer to a parliament question has arrived.


Italian TV talks about Ubuntu

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| In this video an Italian TV program, NeaPòlis, talks about ubuntu as a very
| stable, high performance and easy to install operative system.


Telecom Italia Rejects Microsoft IPTV

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| For Microsoft, Telecom Italia's decision is clearly a blow.


Plone: Official launch of PloneGov in Italy

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| The Chamber of Commerce of Ferrara, the first PloneGov Italian member,
| invites 100 representatives from the public sector and open source experts to
| participate to the official launch of PloneGov in Italy on September 16,
| 2008.


Linux reaches the Italian Parliament

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| As reported by the Italian newspaper Repubblica on July 10th, 2007, a plan
| suggested by the left deputies Pietro Folena and Franco Grillini to migrate
| all the computers of the Parliament from Windows to Linux was approved by the
| Chamber.
| The migration will affect about 3500 boxes of the Chamber, both desktops and
| servers, and each Deputy/Party may also ask to migrate his/its (private)
| computers to the Free System.


Linux certification comes to Italy

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| A non-profit organization devoted to Linux training and certification has
| established an affiliate organization in Italy.


Free software in free elections

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| A new initiative promoted by the italian association for free software for
| the next italian political elections (provided that they will actually take
| place…). The initiative consists in asking the candidates to sign a letter
| where they engage themselves, in case they will be elected, to promote the
| use of free software through their political activity.

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