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Ex-Google, Yahoo employees behind Hadoop startup

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| A team including former Google, Yahoo and Facebook employees is launching a
| startup that will provide professional support for Hadoop, an open-source
| computing platform that makes it easier to write programs that process large
| amounts of data.


Skype Meets Asterisk

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| Among its other functions, Skype on Asterisk has the ability to receive calls
| through a number of devices. An incoming call will simultaneously ring the
| user's desk phone and the Skype client. Prefer the audio quality on the desk
| phone? Don't want to turn off your music to answer the Skype line? Pick up
| the desk phone. The call is treated just the same. Or set the system to only
| ring one phone or the other, to make things even simpler.



Digium Attracts 400 Resellers

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| Digium, the poster child for open source IP phone systems based on Asterisk,
| has built a partner channel that now includes nearly 400 solutions providers.
| Back in May 2008, that figure stood closer to 250 partners. So, what’s
| driving Digium’s success in the IT channel? Take a look.


OpenSolaris Project: Hadoop Live CD

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| Organizations routinely collect a huge amount of data, including web crawls,
| email messages, and scientific data. Processing these datasets with
| traditional relational database models or streaming algorithms is no longer
| scalable. A new data processing model, MapReduce, addresses this challenge by
| leveraging large clusters of hundreds or thousands of heterogeneous servers.


Hypertable Lead Discusses Hadoop and Distributed Databases

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| At the time that we started on the project, an open source Bigtable
| implementation did not exist, so we decided to build it ourselves. The reason
| that we chose open source is because we felt that an open source
| implementation of Bigtable would be inevitable. By leading the development
| effort, we would have a leg up on the competition in terms of knowledge,
| expertise, and credibility.



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| Just one more reason why the Microsoft-Yahoo merger, if it happens, will be
| hell:
| [...]
| Go[t] that? 10,000 core processors running GNU/Linux at the heart of Yahoo.
| Microsoft is damned if they do (rip and replace) and damned if they don't. Go
| on, make our day, Steve....

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