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Migrating to Linux: How and Why

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| Why Migrate?
| Linux has gained a firm position in the embedded market. This raises the
| question of whether it is worth developing new products with Linux and
| replacing an existing operating system with Linux. There is effort and risk
| in any migration of an operating system, and the technical difficulties and
| analysis and planning for migration to embedded Linux require consideration
| and time.
| The reasons for migrating an operating system differ radically from company
| to company and even from one product to another. It can offer new
| functionalities and technologies when the performance of the current hardware
| and operating system has become inadequate. In addition to the end-of-life
| for hardware and software components making migration necessary, it is quite
| common to migrate to a new system to save costs.
| Why Linux?
| Linux has established itself not only in corporate information technology but
| in the embedded market. This is mostly a result of the scale and availability
| of reusable source code, the broad support of different types of hardware,
| the large number of developers who use it, and an anticipated cost reduction.
| Linux is highly flexible and offers complete control over development tools
| and the operating system and associated packages.
| Linux currently offers an operating system platform technology that is also
| suitable for embedded systems. Hard real-time and certification, which are
| vital in the industrial sector, are still under development.



UK workshop to help engineers understand the transition from a traditional RTOS
to Linux

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| "Linux has proven itself in the engineering sector with up to one third of 32
| and 64 bit designs now being based upon it, more than twice the share of any
| other embedded OS," said Stuart Parker, Managing Director of SDC
| Systems. "However, most software engineers will consider the moving of a
| project to another operating system to be a daunting task, full of unknown
| issues. This workshop will highlight the challenges of moving to Linux and
| consider the options and strategies that are most appropriate to the nature
| of the project."



Linux to grow 278% in embedded/mobile/real-time apps

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| Linux use in "next" embedded, mobile, and real-time projects will grow 278
| percent over that in "previous" projects, suggests a recent survey by Venture
| Development Corp. (VDC). *

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