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The Eee PC and Ubuntu

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| Some weeks ago I set off a small firestorm of comments when I panned the
| Linux implementation that comes with the Eee PC. The Debian fork is OK but in
| an attempt to make the Eee PC as user friendly as possible it's been dumbed
| down a little too much.


Krusader: one file manager to rule them all

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| It is impossible to overstate the range of Krusader’s feature set. The
| developers seem to have thought of just about everything. By integrating it
| tightly to the very best features of KDE they have ensured that it is
| immensely customisable and extensible. They have maintained an impressive
| release cycle and are highly receptive to users’ wishlists.



Bits from the Debian Eee PC team, summer 2008

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| As always, we're doing lots of interesting and significant things and
| have more good ideas than we have people to do the work. If you have
| an Eee PC or are planning to get one, or are otherwise interested in
| our work, some of which has uses beyond just the Eee, here are some
| highlights...


fluxflux-eee 2008 08 released

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| Fluxflux-eee, the pclinuxos 2008 remaster under Openbox windows manager has
| been released, as the 2008 08 version.
| We have written about the previous version here, and the project developer is
| kindly offering us all a new version with many improvements. The .iso image
| of the system can be downloaded at the official page.


Debian To Replace Xandros on the Eee PC?

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| This message on the Debian Eee PC mailing list reveals that Asus and Debian
| are working together, or at least planning to, on software for the Eee PC.
| This, presumably, means that future versions of the Eee PC could run a
| modified version of Debian, rather than a modified version of Xandros, as
| they currently do.


Bits from the Debian Eee PC team

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| In the past few months in the Debian-EeePC team, a number of interesting
| things have been happening.

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