On Oct 13, 2:38 am, Roy Schestowitz
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> ODF Going Global
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> | Marino Marcich of the ODF Alliance pointed out that there are now
> | organisations from 62 countries represented in his membership, and I'm left
> | with the strong of impression of a growing global community of practice in
> | governments of every kind, both politically and geographically. From small
> | roots ODF has grown to both a global movement and a strong technology,
> | spreading wherever fair-minded people are willing to take a stand. It's been
> | worth the trip.
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Seems that the ODF Alliance is going to have to give up on ISO as a
credible organisation to manage the ODF standard into the future if it
allows the relevant committees to be stacked by Microsoft employees
and hangers-on.

ISO is supposed to be for the benefit of vendors and custopers, but
with respect to file standards seems to becoming vendor-centric.