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Kernel Developers, Wall Street to Come Together

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| The Linux Foundation is holding its first End User Summit beginning Monday in
| New York, in an effort to bring Linux kernel developers in closer contact
| with users at Wall Street institutions and other major companies.


The Linux Plumbers Conference: a summary

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| Back in the early days of Linux, a developer wishing to meet his or her peers
| at a conference had a relatively small number of alternatives. Two of those -
| Linux Expo and the Atlanta Linux Showcase - were held in the United States.
| But it has been a long time since the US has hosted a serious
| developer-oriented conference - especially for developers who are working on
| the lower layers of the system. The US-based conferences died out as a result
| of a combination of a number of factors, including poor management,
| competition from the Ottawa Linux Symposium and (yes, really) LinuxWorld, and
| a feeling among certain developers that becoming the next Dmitry Sklyarov
| would not be a fun way to spend the rest of the year.



Linux is a platform, not an OS

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| Microsoft, a staunch opponent of Linux, already understands this very
| vividly. * They no longer see Windows as just an "operating system", but as
| an entire platform. *They realize that the only way Windows has a prayer of
| surviving, especially in today's open source world, is if everything runs on
| Windows, including every FOSS program out there. *They've even admitted that
| as much themselves, saying that they think that all open source should run on
| Windows.
| And Apple is no different, nor Sun, nor IBM. *They see their respective
| operating systems as platforms, not OS's. *Sure, IBM supports Linux, but they
| also support IBM Unix, and in both cases they see their respective operating
| systems as platforms onto which they place lots of other software. *So
| ultimately one of the biggest failings of Linux marketing is that people are
| working too hard to sell the operating system side of it, but failing to sell
| the platform aspects of it.

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