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[FSFE PR][EN] FSFE for Freedom Not Fear

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| The Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) supports Free Software so that
| every citizen can play an independent, active and responsible part in our
| information society. However, censorship of content, violations of the
| principle of 'Net Neutrality' and increasing online surveillance do not fit
| with these goals. FSFE is therefore appealing for participation in the
| world-wide day of action "Freedom Not Fear" [1], which takes place this
| Saturday, the 11th October.


Open Source vs. Proprietary Intranet Software, Part 3

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| An organization's choice of either an open source or proprietary intranet
| software solution must be based on its own specific needs and resources --
| not on what others are doing or saying. What worked for one company might not
| necessarily work for yours -- IT infrastructures are different, employees'
| technical skill levels are different, and budgets are different. You should
| never base your decision on the success or failure of another company's
| experiences.



[FSFE PR][EN] FSFE to make legal consolidation tool available in 10 languages

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| The Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) announced today that it plans
| to make the Fiduciary License Agreement (FLA) available ten languages.
| The selected languages are English, German, French, Italian, Swedish,
| Serbian, Polish, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese.
| The FLA assists projects with re-licensing and license enforcement by
| consolidating copyright into a single organization, and is effective in
| jurisdictions based on both civil law and common law. It also transfers
| a full set of rights back to the author, ensuring that both parties
| maintain the maximum freedom possible. The translation of the FLA will
| help provide the benefits of copyright consolidation to local projects
| across Europe.


The smallest unit of freedom: A Fellow

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| Welcome to the first in our series of monthly interviews with a Fellow of
| FSFE - "the smallest unit of freedom". We're starting off by turning the
| tables on Seán "The Interviewer" Daly to ask him about his chosen way to
| contribute to the Free Software movement.


[FSFE PR][EN] FSFE Newsletter

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| 1. Speeches about SELF, Free Software and licensing at FKFT
| 2. Local Fellowship meetings
| 3. New interns for FSFE
| 4. Students' union organizes talk on political aspects of Free Software
| 5. FTF releases training documentation on the SELF platform
| 6. Zurich Fellowship meeting - 2008-08-15
| 7. 'Who Owns Free Software? The Copyright and Patent Debate' speech at OSiM
| World, Berlin - 2008-08-17
| 8. Official launch of GPLv3 in The Netherlands - 2008-08-19


(2008-08-17) 'Who Owns Free Software? The Copyright and Patent Debate' speech
at OSiM World, Berlin

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| Shane Coughlan, Freedom Task Force coordinator at FSFE, will deliver a speech
| entitled 'Free Software licenses and other questions' at OSiM World at Berlin
| on the 17th of August. This talk will examine question of ownership, the goal
| of owning creative work, benefits to consumers and the community and the
| relationship between ownership and Free Software licences.

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