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Quick Reviews: Linux, a n00b's POV

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| Linux Mint:
| This is my favorite Linux distro and the one I dual boot on my desktop. It is
| based on Ubuntu, so it is Gnome(damn gnomes!), and is not that impressive at
| first glance. However like PCLinuxOS everything I needed in regard to
| Multimedia was there out of the box, as was Open Office. It is easy to
| navigate and with the Mint Installer downloading and installing packages is a
| snap. I had no problems regardless of the machine I installed it on and
| setting up the network was no problem. It is a little easier to navigate than
| Ubuntu, which is nice for new users.


Linux Rooted in Fiction: ParanoidLinux

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| These applications all pre-configured and packaged in a distribution seem a
| fine idea -- in a novel. In a real life situation requiring a "ParanoidLinux"
| type operating system, there are more points of failure than any one author's
| imagination can conjure. That's why the community -- not of any one
| application, or any one distribution -- the entire community -- is needed to
| watch, maintain, and develop these projects.



Confessions of a Linux newbie

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| This year my one-and-only New Year's resolution was to begin the transition
| to open-source software in general and Linux in particular. I thought I was
| just setting out to learn a new operating system. In fact, I was entering an
| entirely new world of computing. *


Doin' it for the Noob...

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| As much as I sincerely dislike the term "noob", I will use it here. Not in a
| derogatory fashion but just as an attention-getter in the title. Besides,
| there are so many rhyming possibilities.
| Here is what I want to do. I am going to present "The Noobie Desktop". This
| is, with room for generous variation, the basic desktop I present our new
| Linux Users upon initial install and during our Linux Labs. Let's take a few
| minutes and kick the tires, slam the doors...even take it for a spin. Then we
| can get to the real value of my blog.

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