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Nokia E90 vs Asus EEE PC 900 - The Microlaptop vs the Minilaptop

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| The EEE PC portable computer range has received a lot of coverage over the
| past year partly due to its low price but also partly due to its small size.
| How does Asus' minilaptop compare to Nokia's microlaptop, the E90
| Communicator? All About Symbian is about to find out...
| [...]
| It's a bit of a predictable conclusion, but it has to be said: the E90 and
| EEE PC 900 are not really meant for the same purpose. They both provide
| physically smaller alternatives to a laptop featuring many of the same
| functions, but they do so in very different ways: the E90 acts as a
| carry-everywhere device for frequent use in short bursts (for example keeping
| tabs on your e-mail), while the EEE PC is meant for more occasional use with
| longer sessions (for example writing a long essay while away from home).
| The EEE PC 900 looks, works and feels almost exactly like a larger more
| expensive laptop. However the E90 really does fit in a pocket or handbag and
| doesn't require any external equipment to connect to the internet, so it's
| far more portable.



Mobile WiMAX service launches in U.S.

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| Sprint launched its XOHM WiMAX service today, at a press event in Baltimore.
| Touted as offering "the fastest data speeds among all national carriers,"
| the "4G" service will work with devices distributed by Sprint, such as
| Nokia's Linux-based N810 tablet, or purchased independently of the service,
| Sprint says.



Nokia Comes Out with WiMax tablet

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| The newest and fifth version of the N810 tablet will become commercially
| available along with Xohm's official launch, scheduled for the second
| quarter. Xohm is the WiMax network that Sprint Nextel is building, with test
| networks already running in Chicago and the Baltimore-Washington, D.C., area.
| The new N810 will be available initially only in the U.S. * *
| [...]
| The earliest version of the tablet, the N800, had only an on-screen keyboard,
| but subsequent versions feature a slide-out Qwerty keyboard. The tablets run
| on the maemo Linux-based OS2008 operating system and include a range of
| applications such as a Mozilla browser, Skype and Google Talk. It also
| includes GPS (Global Positioning Service). * *


Mini Linux notebook to gain WiMAX option

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| U.S.-based PC vendor Everex has announced plans to offer a WiMAX-enabled
| version of its mini-notebook. The "CloudBook Max" will feature a mobile WiMAX
| radio chip supplied by GCT Semiconductor, and will work with Sprint's
| high-speed XOHMwireless network, Everex said. * *



MontaVista Enables EB and NextWave Wireless to Rapidly Develop First
Linux-Based WiMAX Mobile Phone

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| This innovative new reference design for mobile WiMAX handsets will debut
| this week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The Mobilinux-based
| handset reference design is the first Linux phone to enable mobile WiMAX
| (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access), a telecommunications
| technology, which provides wireless voice and data at broadband speeds.


Nokia N800 gets WiMAX

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| Nokia has patents in parts of the 3G standard, so would like to see that
| succeed, but it's certainly not going to cut itself off from alternative
| technologies if they provide another route into the pockets of punters.


Production-ready WiMax CPE design runs Linux

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| Freescale, Celestica, and Wavesat are jointly demonstrating a
| Linux-based reference design for WiMax CPE (customer premises equipment).

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