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Steve Jobs Patents "The Dock"

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| If you're a PC, you may be unfamiliar with The Dock, the bar of icons that
| sits at the bottom or side of a Mac and provides easy access to Apple
| applications. But don't count on it becoming a standard on the PC. On
| Tuesday, the USPTO awarded Apple — and inventor Steve Jobs — a patent for
| their User Interface for Providing Consolidation and Access, aka 'The Dock,'
| after a rather lengthy nine-year wait.


Another loss for software patents:

Cox Did Not Infringe Verizon's VoIP Intellectual Property, Jury Finds

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| Verizon, which was seeking $404 million in damages against Cox, filed the
| infringement case against Cox early this year after winning a patent
| infringement case against VoIP provider Vonage Holdings. Verizon's original
| filing against Cox cited patents it had exerted against Vonage, but it isn't
| clear from media reports whether the Verizon-Vonage patents figured in the
| final Verizon-Cox decision.



Software Freedom Day (Party!)

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| The problem is patents. LLVM’s license allows more room for Apple to use
| software patents than the GCC’s licenses do. And Apple now has the
| opportunity to maneuver themselves into a place where through those patents
| they can dominate the software that can be run on their machines. Those
| bastards!


Apple files for patent on multiple input technique

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| As the patent application explains, computer systems generally have various
| means of input, but usually these are all independent of each other and not
| combined.


Apple files notification screen patent, is this really that unique?

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| It is a bit strange that a patent would be needed for something like this
| that even basic feature phones already use in some manner.


Apple files UI elements patent relating to hierarchical menus, more

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| On January 31, the US Patent & Trademark Office published eleven of Apple’s
| patent applications in total. This particular report centers on Apple’s
| patent application titled *User interface elements for hierarchical selection
| of items *while listing several continuation patents. Apple’s current patent
| generally relates to user interface elements.

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