Enomaly: An Open Source Cloud For the Enterprise

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| Enomaly is trying to sell big business on its open-source cloud management
| and provisioning software by renaming it and packaging it with
| enterprise-level support, a model popularized by Red Hat. The software,
| formerly known as Enomalism, will now use the Enomaly Elastic Computing
| Platform as its new moniker. The software sits between the servers and
| applications, allocating virtual resources to programs when they need them.
| Others offering similar management software include RightScale, Elastra and
| 3Tera.



Bringing down software margins with the cloud and open source

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| Microsoft expects to lose margin as "cloud" competitors start to eat away at
| its core businesses. Kudos to Microsoft for calling out the obvious.
| [...]
| Put more bluntly, there's not a chance in Hades that Microsoft will be able
| to charge more for its cloud-based offerings, not when its competitors are
| using the cloud to pummel its desktop and server-based offerings. This is
| something that Microsoft (and everyone else) is simply going to have to get
| used to: The go-go days of outrageous (software) margins are over. Done.


Microsoft loses 90 Billion Dollars