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What should the next version of Ubuntu bring us?

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| What should the next version of Ubuntu bring us?



Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter #111

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| The Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue #111 for the week of September 28th -
| October 4th, 2008 is now available.
| In this Issue:
| * Ubuntu 8.10 Beta released
| * Intrepid Countdown banner
| * Intrepid CDs for Approved LoCo’s
| * New Ubuntu Members
| * Ubuntu Testing Day


8 Ways to Maintain a Clean, Lean Ubuntu Machine

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| Once in a while, you may want to do some maintenance on your Ubuntu machine
| and clean up unnecessary files that are chunking up large storage space in
| your hard disk.



Remastering Ubuntu With Better Art

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| As you know, I am not very happy with the state of artwork in Ubuntu Intrepid
| Ibex. It seems to me that Ubuntu has taken a small step back, while many of
| the other distributions continue to head in the right direction. Today I
| would like to propose a solution to two problems created by this state of
| artwork:
| * *1. Ubuntu users should not have to deal with the new theme if they, like
| * * * me, feel that the old theme was better.
| * *2. It would be good to pressure the Ubuntu team to improve the artwork in
| * * * future releases.
| The solution to these problems, or at least the one I see, is to create a
| remix of Ubuntu with some of the great art that was proposed but not used.


First look: latest Fedora and Ubuntu betas really shine

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| The developers behind the increasingly popular Ubuntu and Fedora Linux
| distributions announced the availability of new beta releases last week.
| These betas, which offer users an opportunity to get an early look at the
| functionality that will be included in the next major versions, are already
| highly polished and showcase the growing maturity of the desktop Linux
| software ecosystem.

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