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Interview: Gentoo's Berkholz and Gaffney Look Ahead

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| I recently got the chance to talk with Gentoo Catalyst/Genkernel Release
| Engineering Lead Andrew Gaffney and developer/council member Donnie Berkholz
| about Gentoo Linux, the challenges it is facing, and the work that is being
| done by the community -- from veteran developers to new users -- to overcome
| them.


Major distribution updates: Linux Mint and CentOS

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| The upcoming release of Mandriva Linux 2009 later this week signals the start
| of a new, intensive release season that will last until the end of this year.
| Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE and dozens of smaller projects will continue to
| showcase their latest innovations in semi-regular intervals, making the
| following two months a dream come true for every distro hopper and open
| source software enthusiast. Which distribution will you run this Christmas?
| And which will get a thumbs down from the users? The next several weeks will
| answer most of these types of questions.



Gentoo still rules

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| Gentoo is pretty good for this kind of thing, whatever its other
| shortcomings. Does any other distro make it this easy to do such things? (I'm
| genuinely curious.) *


Viva Gentoo

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| Talking about a light desktop, there is now a Gentoo project to bring LXDE,
| the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment, to our beloved distro. I already
| committed PCManFM, a fast and lightweight, tabbed GTK+ file manager, which is
| used as the default file manager in LXDE. *


Satisfied Gentoo users

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| If you, like me, would rather “think positive” — life can be depressing
| enough as it is — then here are some more recent, positive, reactions from
| satisfied Gentoo users... *


I keep coming back to Gentoo!

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| And in general, portage and all the gentoo associated tools feel better,
| maybe because I have become more accustomed to them. And final point, I do
| not have to install g++, it is already installed. The toolchain is already
| there to compile anything that I want. *

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