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>>>Dave in Philadelphia wrote:
>>>> I have decade-old Western Digital, Maxtor and Toshiba drives still
>>>> chugging away, but this putrid piece of penguin poop is already going
>>>> bad.
>>>> What the heck sort of company is this? I lost 5GB of important jpeg data
>>>> and I am hopping mad.
>>>Oh, looky looky: A windows user to stupid to do backups, although he is
>>>using the ****tiest OS ever written.

>> Reminds me of a joke I read the other day. Did you hear about the new
>> Microsoft vacuum cleaner? It's the only thing Microsoft has ever made that
>> *doesn't* suck.

>HAR, HAR, HAR. They don't need a vacuum cleaner - they have you.

I bet you stayed up all night thinking up that one. Sheesh. If I had
wanted to talk to somebody with your IQ, I would be at the supermarket
talking to the produce.