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Dell Takes on Asus With Tiny Laptop

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| The term "mini-laptop" may not have been coined by the people at Asus
| computers -- but they've sure made it their own. In less than a year, Eee PCs
| have defined the genre.
| [...]
| The new Inspiron Mini 9 is Dell's contender in the battle for mini-laptop
| supremacy. It is small (9.13 by 6.77 by 1.07 inches) and lightweight (less
| than 2.3 pounds). It's also configurable. You can choose your operating
| system (Ubuntu Linux or Windows XP), memory (512MB or 1GB) and solid-state
| storage (4GB, 8GB or 16GB). You even have your choice colors: Obsidian Black
| or Alpine White.
| [...]
| I asked Dell if I could try a Linux-based model. That's because Dell offers
| the current version (8.04) of Ubuntu Linux. I've been using it on a home
| laptop for more than a year, and I love it. It's fast, full of features that
| anyone can use, and best of all, free.


Shoot For the Clouds

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| A netbook is usually about the size of that '80s-era Model 100 but has
| infinitely more functionality. These cloudbooks aren't meant to be your only
| PC--although I do know someone who spends all day on the Linux-based Eee PC
| 701 Asus that was introduced late last year and has a 7-inch display and a
| chic-let keyboard.
| Asus sold 1 million of those, but its new Atom-based Eee 901, 1000 and 1000
| (H) have 8.9- to 10-inch widescreens, a choice of Windows or Linux, up to
| 40GB of solid-state flash storage and up to nearly eight hours of battery
| life. Starting at $599, they still have that chiclet keyboard and weigh 3
| pounds or less.
| With a very similar Atom- and Linux-based clamshell, Acer's new Aspire One
| retails for only $379 but doesn't have 8GB of Flash or the Eee PC's 20GB of
| free online storage. It has the same inch-thin Daytimer form factor and
| webcam mounted atop its 8.9-inch backlit LED display for vlogging and
| videoconferences. With about an inch more width, Aspire One has a larger
| keyboard.



Dell’s Linux-powered Inspiron Mini 9 out now

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| Been waiting for the Ubuntu-toting Dell Inspiron Mini 9? Well, wait no more:
| Dell has just launched the Eee PC-style netbook in the UK, priced at £269.

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