Members of the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee will this
Friday call on ministers to do more to battle security threats online.

Ahead of the new debate crossbench peer Lord Broers, who chaired the
Committee's internet security sessions, said:

"In our initial report we raised concerns that public confidence in the
internet could be undermined if more was not done to prevent and prosecute
e-crime. We felt that the Government, the police and the software
developers were failing to meet their responsibilities and were quite
unreasonably leaving individual users to fend for themselves.

Some of our recommendations, such as the establishment of a specialist
e-crime police unit, are now being acted on by Government. But others, such
as software developers' liability for damage caused by security flaws and
enabling people to report online fraud directly to the police rather than
their bank, have either been ignored or are awaiting action.

In our follow-up report we committed ourselves to keep an ongoing watch on
developments in internet security and to press the Government to do more to
ensure that confidence in the internet is maintained. This debate will
enable members of the House to question the Government on what has been
achieved and will allow members of the Committee to reassert their calls
for better protection for internet users."
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