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Free software tools for designing productive community sites

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| These days there’s a lot of buzz about “Web 2.0” and making websites more
| interactive, but what’s really going on is a reconnection to the community
| nature of the internet. Collaboration, cooperation, and the information
| commons are all ideas that pre-dated the world wide web in the form of older
| internet technologies. In today’s distributed computing environment, though,
| these technologies have really flourished. Here’s a guide to eight that you
| should consider making use of in building a community around an information
| commons project of any kind, from multimedia, to hardware, to software.


Stallman vs. Clouds

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| Still, I think that RMS is onto something. The core promise of computing,
| even on a vast network that connects us all, is autonomy and independence.
| It's being free (as in freedom) to operate on your own, and to share what's
| meant to be shared in ways that nobody else can control, and to improve
| useful goods in ways that work for everybody. There are, in those core
| values, imperatives that seem at odds with the dependencies that "cloud
| computing" can sometimes involve.



Web frameworks: a free software oriented study

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| The web2.0 era has put the web application frameworks at the center of the
| free software community attention. Various opinions (1,2) and performance
| (1,2) comparisons have been published by free software enthusiasts trying to
| rank the quality and the potential of different web frameworks.
| In this post we use standard data mining and statistical techniques applied
| to source code repositories to evaluate the strength, commitment and
| creativity of the community behind popular web framework projects.


Web 2.0 and open source: We've already won

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| In both cases, these businesses are focused on fostering abundance and then
| the value they sell is providing order in the chaos, just as Google and Red
| Hat do, in their respective ways. In both cases, they're building their
| future with open source. *

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