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Freeing your phone with the FIC Neo FreeRunner

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| As per the OpenMoko wiki, there are at least 9 distributions that may be run
| on the FreeRunner. Four of these are official OpenMoko projects, three are
| ports of existing distributions, and two are community-drive distributions.
| Each distribution has a distinct goal.


Now, this is fun. Downloading distros for the same phone...

New T-mobile phone competes with iPhone

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| What makes Android different and important is that it's built on Linux, which
| means the basic code is open-source. Thus, it should be much more accessible
| to third-party developers than other current mobile platforms.
| That's not to say it's unique. There are other Linux-based mobile platforms
| out there. But they remain relatively obscure and unused, perhaps due to lack
| or resources for further development and marketing.



Distributor spins "W.E. phone"

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| Mississauga, Ontario-based Koolu Inc. has agreed to distribute OpenMoko's
| Linux-based Neo FreeRunner in the Americas, the U.K., and the European Union.
| Koolu is distributing the FreeRunner under the name W.E. Phone, and is
| bundling it with Google Apps.
| The Neo FreeRunner shipped on July 4th, and was billed as a completely open
| source, hackable hardware platform based on GNU Linux and the OpenMoko.org
| phone stack. Users are free to install and run new operating system firmware,
| for example in order to add native Linux software applications of their own
| choosing. As distributed by Koolu, the W.E. Phone version of the FreeRunner
| appears to have some software customizations, including Google Apps.


FreeRunner Linux phone sells out, more on the way

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| Less that one week after going on sale via its own e-commerce site, the
| 900MHz version of OpenMoko's Neo FreeRunner Linux phone has sold out, but
| don't despair yet as more are on the way.



OpenMoko Developer Preview Sold Out After Unexpected Demand

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| OpenMoko, the first Open Source cell phone, has sold out the entire planned
| production run for the device's developer preview after unexpected demand.

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