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Review: Acer Aspire One Is In The Game

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| The Linpus OS on this netbook loads in less than 15 seconds into a
| well-organized home screen where applications are grouped by function. The
| Internet applications, such as IM, e-mail and browsing, are in one box,
| office applications in another, and so forth.
| The power consumption is impressive, drawing very little power, a little less
| than 30 watts. The battery life was measured by playing a movie continuously
| using VLC and with power saving settings turned off. It lasted about four and
| a half hours, about on par with the Asus EEE. Unlike most other laptops, the
| Aspire One remained fairly cool to the touch, with surface temperatures
| barely reaching 100 degrees after two hours of operation. On a recent
| cross-country trip, the Aspire One easily lasted a whole day with a user
| editing some documents, writing memos, and surfing the Internet in the
| airport and on a flight without requiring a charge.


A shame for companies that chose Windows and Microsoft Ballnux...

Microsoft and its 'talking heads' are busily spread FUD about some generic
thing called "Linux".


I’m turning Taiwanese (I really think so)

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| As for my first non-Mac experience in some time, Linpus Linux served on Acer
| Aspire has me pretty well hooked. I’ve got pretty close to touch-typing on
| the keyboard; and that was my biggest area of concern. The screen quality is
| as good as any of the reviews have already said it is. Video seems to play
| really well (although it struggled a bit with Little Britain USA on BBC
| iPlayer) and I think the on board games are cool.


Acer: We’re comin’ at ya, Dell

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| And so to Budapest last month for Acer’s annual global press conference. What
| did I learn?



The One for you?

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| At the time of writing we were only able to procure an Aspire One that runs
| on the Linpus Linux Lite operating system, hence this review will focus on
| the Linux version of the mini notebook.


Linpus Linux Lite Review

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| A few weeks ago I became the proud owner of an Acer Aspire One Linux edition
| (reviewed here). Out of the box, this little wonder comes with the relatively
| unknown Linux distribution Linpus Linux Lite, which has been customized
| somewhat by Acer to make the most of the hardware in the Aspire One. The
| screenshot above and many more pictures of Acer’s version of Linpus are
| available at Golem.de, or you can find captures of the vanilla Linpus Lite
| 9.4 here.


Review: Acer Aspire One notebook computer

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| Windows XP Home will be available on more expensive Aspire One models, but
| this one uses the free Linux operating system with a selection of useful
| programs installed. We liked the ability to start both Firefox and Openoffice
| Writer from the front screen, and the email and instant messaging programs
| can cleverly connect to several services.


Aspire One: the netbook Eee PC killer from Acer?

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| The Aspire One is definitely a contender, coming with the Linpus version of
| Linux and enhanced with a friendly interface that looks graphically nicer
| than that which comes with the Xandros powered version of Linux on the Asus
| Eee PC.


Acer's Linpus Linux Lite (Fedora) ultra portable laptop piles the pressure on

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| Gianpiero Morbello, Acer’s Vice President of Marketing and Brand, interviewed
| by vnunet, said, bluntly, that Acer “has shifted towards Linux because of
| Microsoft”.
| He didn’t elaborate but went on to say, perhaps more importantly,
| that “Microsoft has a lot of power” which could make things difficult for
| them but they were nevertheless “determined to develop the Linux market”.
| That’s pretty bold talk but as the saying goes, the proof of the pudding is
| in the eating. We’ll have wait and see if they have the stomach for a
| showdown with Microsoft when the threats start to come. Perhaps they might
| start backsliding like Asus. In the real world, Microsoft has real power and
| it has never been slow or afraid to wield it when its commercial interests
| are threatened. Linpus Technologies haven’t been behind the door either. As
| the software vendors of Linpus Linux Lite they have pitched their product to
| GNU/LInux novices and experts alike
| [...]
| The HP 2133 is another well spec’d contender but it chose to install SUSE, a
| Novell product that is being currently boycotted by many in the Unix
| community because of its link up with……Microsoft.


Acer punts £199... er... £220... er... Linux laptop

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| At launch, the company stated the basic version of the Eee PC rival would run
| Linux, pack in 8GB of solid-state storage and 512MB of memory, and sport a
| £199 price tag. Company officials stressed that that figure included VAT, the
| UK's 17.5 per cent sales tax.


Acer launches $500 Atom-powered Linux mini-note

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| Aspire One sports Intel’s Atom processor, an 8.9in screen and a $99 cashback
| deal on its $599 (Linux) and $699 (Windows XP) sticker price


Acer Aspire One

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| Many of us will be familiar with Linux-based operating systems, but
| relatively few of you will have seen the particular 'Linpus' implementation
| in the One. The home screen is divided into four sections: "Connect" for all
| Internet, instant messenger and email-related tasks; "Work" for accessing
| OpenOffice word processor, spreadsheet, presentation and database
| applications; "Fun" for the games, media player and photo management
| software; and "Files" for accessing your data. There's also a search bar at
| the top right that can be used to search the Internet directly or the files
| on the hard drives.


Acer bets big on Linux

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| Acer has stated that it will be pushing Linux aggressively on its laptops and
| netbooks.



Acer: PC industry 'disappointed' with Vista

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| Acer president Gianfranco Lanci became the first major PC manufacturer to
| openly attack Microsoft over the Windows Vista operating system in the
| Financial Times Deutschland on Monday.
| Lanci said the operating system was riddled with problems and gave users and
| businesses no reason to buy a new PC, according to the report. Taiwan-based
| Acer is the world's fourth-largest PC manufacturer, after HP, Dell and
| Lenovo.
| "The whole industry is disappointed with Windows Vista," Lanci said.

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