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Slavish reporters join Microsoft in cloud cuckoo land

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| This hooey was conscientiously relayed by Cellan-Jones, who was too polite to
| ask why, if Vista is such a success, Ballmer is to unveil its successor,
| Windows 7, to the Microsoft developers' conference at the end of this month.



BBC in covering technology badly shocker.

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| His piece reads like he’s giving Linux a thorough test. If this was his
| intention, then using the EeePC was a big mistake. However, the fact the WiFi
| didn’t work in Ubuntu? Very valid and annoying, which is why I still
| recommend looking up Linux compatibility before making the jump. I guess if
| this chap had written this anywhere else, I could forgive elements of it. But
| having pride of place on the BBC website, it is very damaging to Linux’s
| reputation and misleading to the public. It’s not a review, or look at
| Linux - it’s a blog of one man’s struggle to make a device (yes, the EeePC is
| a device) do something it shouldn’t. I’m sure if they had enabled comments on
| the piece - there would be some angry comments there at the moment. Sigh.



BBC iPlayer protest report

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| First on site with me is Tom Chance, Green Party spokesperson on Free
| Software. He has organized for Dr Derek Wall, lead spokesperson for the Green
| Party to join us and make some statements about BBC iPlayer and the Microsoft
| lock-in it establishes. *
| [...]
| We have 1500 fliers to distribute, that focus on the key issue with the
| iPlayer, and why $130 Million and 4 years of development don't get you much
| * * * * * * * * *^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| when you choose Microsoft DRM. *


BBC Director General grilled by MPs on iPlayer

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| During the meeting there is discussion of iPlayer’s total cost to the licence
| fee-payer - the BBC representatives are unable to give a figure, but start
| the bidding at £20m, excluding staff costs. Thomson gives incorrect
| information - that Mac and Linux versions of iPlayer have the same
| functionality as Windows versions - and has to change his evidence at the
| end. Perhaps it was this confusion that prompted Dr John Pugh MP to follow up
| the encounter with a letter direct to Mark Thomson today discussing platform
| neutrality in greater detail. A copy of this letter has been passed to the
| Open Rights Group. * * * *


BBC website £36m 'overspend'

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| THE BBC went almost £36 million over the intended budget for bbc.co.uk in the
| past year, it was disclosed today.


The BBC Has Drunk its Brain

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| Good to see the BBC with its finger on the pulse of computing, bravely
| serving up the facts without fear or favour here:
| * * Microsoft's next operating system (OS) will come with multi-touch
| * * features as an alternative to the mouse.
| Rather like the Hewlett-Packard touchscreen system I used back in the 1980s.
| [...]
| Is this a similar statement to 2003's "Bill Gates said that Longhorn will
| have a unified storage system called WinFS." found at
| http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/3220017.stm


Has the BBC Duped Us over iPlayer?

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| I wonder how that complaint about the BBC providing state aid to Microsoft is
| coming along....


Feeling the heat at Microsoft

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| If I ask you who is Microsoft's biggest competitor now, who would it be? *
| Ballmer: Open...Linux. I don't want to say open source. Linux, certainly have
| to go with that.


BBC pinches hot new columnist from Microsoft


Beeb slammed for 'fawning' to Bill Gates

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| BBC viewers have flooded the corporation with complaints over how it
| covered the launch of Microsoft Vista earlier this week.
| In one cringingly servile interview worthy of Uriah Heep, the
| Beeb's news presenter Hugh Edwards even thanked Gates at the
| end of it, presumably in appreciation at being allowed to give
| the Vole vast coverage for free.
| In other TV news items presenters excitedly explained how Vistac
| ould be obtained and installed - details courtesy of the BBC's
| website.
| But British viewers, currently forced to pay a £131.50 licence
| fee to maintain the BBC's "impartiality", were less than impressed.
| Scores got in touch to complain that so much was Auntie up Bill's
| bum that you could barely see her corset.


BBC iPlayer Protests

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| Who are the people responsible for creating this mess?
| * * * Mark Thompson, BBC director general (DG)
| * * * Erik Huggers, group controller at BBC Future Media & Technology
| * * * Ashley Highfield, director of new media and technology
| Right now, there is very considerable concern within the BBC that the actions
| of the Director General and his team are sending the corporation in the wrong
| direction. The BBC has been embroiled in a number of recent controversies,
| all linked back to the DG's leadership. *

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