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Sri Lankan MIT award recipient proof of power of volunteerism

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| Meanwhile, his pride in Sahana is plain for all to see. Crediting the success
| of this project to its Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) platform, he
| notes that it has helped to improve disaster management systems in the
| aftermath of a large scale disaster, offering functions like tracking missing
| people, ‘who is doing what where’, aid management, volunteer management,
| shelter tracking, etc. As the software is Open Source, it has the added
| benefit of being a global public utility that anyone can download and use
| without the need for express permission.



Sri Lanka to introduce one laptop per child

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| Two-million primary school children are to be provided with US$ 100-worth
| laptops under a farsighted initiative.
| This is being launched by One Laptop Per Child (OLPC), a US based
| organisation in collaboration with the Education Department and several local
| and foreign financial, technological and academic institutions. *


Sri Lankan school children soon may own “$100 laptop”

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| Some of the two million primary school students in Sri Lanka soon may get to
| own the “$100 laptop” if an ambitious plan to introduce the product into Sri
| Lanka gets adequate support, officials said. *
| [...]
| Users also have access to a Linux-based text editing programme, an e-book
| reader, drawing, painting and music composition tools, and an in-built video
| camera. *
| [...]
| The laptop is pre-loaded with e-books, and the open source operating system
| will allow Sri Lankan Linux groups to adapt the machine to meet local
| learning requirements. *



Sri Lanka based WSO2 makes splash at SOA World

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| The open source middleware technology company WSO2 says its products
| generated wide interest at the SOA World software conference in the United
| States.


Sri Lanka's open source community touts free software without piracy

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| While there is a trend in the industry moving towards GNU/Linux and Free
| and Open Source Software Microsoft Windows is still a dominating force.


EnterpriseDB Partners, Fossmart to offer open source-based database solutions

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| "Sri Lankan businesses are well aware of the benefits of products built
| on open source, but require commercial-grade service and support to
| protect their investments. We will now be able to meet their database
| needs with EnterpriseDB."
| [...]
| EnterpriseDB has enhanced PostgreSQL, the world?s most advanced open
| source database, to create the award-winning EnterpriseDB Advanced Server.

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