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Gates Deposition Greatest Hits



Microsoft Memories

,----[ Quote ]
| At some point in your presentation billg will say "that's the dumbest
| ****ing idea I've heard since I've been at Microsoft." *He looks like
| he means it. *However, since you knew he was going to say this, you
| can't really let it faze you. *Moreover, you can't afford to look
| fazed; remember: he's a bully.


The Narcissistic CEO

,----[ Quote ]
| The desire to change the system is a defining element of narcissism.
| And while it can be inspirational to work for someone like that,
| interacting with a narcissist CEO can be torture. Don't expect praise.
| Get used to hearing the word "I." And be able to take lots of harshly
| worded criticism.


,----[ Quote ]
| My father, in his travels, has met Bill Gates. I don't think I'd be
| creating a problem for him now (as he recently retired) by saying that he
| was unimpressed. Apparently Gates was rude, he was distracted, and when
| he sat, he rocked back and forth in his chair, an action which reminded
| my Dad of people with dementia.


,----[ Quote ]
| In my BillG review meeting, the whole reporting hierarchy was there,
| along with their cousins, sisters, and aunts, and a person who came
| along from my team whose whole job during the meeting was to keep an
| accurate count of how many times Bill said the F word. The lower the
| f***-count, the better.
| [...]
| Four," announced the f*** counter, and everyone said, "wow, that's the
| lowest I can remember. Bill is getting mellow in his old age." He was,
| you know, 36.
| Later I had it explained to me. "Bill doesn't really want to review
| your spec, he just wants to make sure you've got it under control. His
| standard M.O. is to ask harder and harder questions until you admit that
| you don't know, and then he can yell at you for being unprepared. Nobody
| was really sure what happens if you answer the hardest question he can
| come up with because it's never happened before."

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